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Between two palms with Kimmy Hogan

Earlier this month we dropped in to have a chat with digital botanical artist Kimmy Hogan at her beautiful Geelong home.

Kimmy Hogan slogged it out as a graphic designer for ten years before answering the artists’ call. Now her signature style embraces the best of digital design and the realm of plants. She’s never looked back.

When did your love of plants begin and how have they influenced your artwork?

My mum always had a plant or two in the house and is a great gardener so I grew up with a deep love for them too. Plants and nature is an endless resource of beauty and inspiration.

What is it you love most about illustrating botanicals?

The unique shapes, colours and forms that nature gives us can be interpreted in so many ways. My loose line style lends itself to botanicals with all its imperfections and raw beauty. There is no right or wrong in drawing botanicals, you can take the subject anywhere.

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I’d love to know – how do you prefer to order art – framed or unframed? If unframed how long does it take you to frame it? I asked this question here on insta early this year and was overwhelmed with the amount of people saying they want to buy their artwork framed! And they have artwork sit in tubes for months!!! It’s taken a lot of ground work but framing is available on my website and has been so popular! Photo above are some framed canvases in Tassie Oak, a stunning finish and no glass required. They are made to order, wrapped and packaged carefully with love before we send them off ❤️ all pricing variations and delivery details available on my website – go to shop then filter ‘framed’ #kimmyhogan #australianartist #botanicalart #framedart #banksiaart

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Who are some of your favourite artists and why?

Queens of the botanicals – Elizabeth Barnett, Laura Jones, Ali McNabney-Stevens, Kate Mayes and Annie Everingham. All painters with a unique style, fantastic sense of colour and I adore all their brush strokes.

What are some of your favourite features in your home?

The thing I love the most about my home is the large windows and generous room size. The natural light is incredible! Since living here our plants have been thriving, so we keep adding to our collection.

What benefits have you felt from having all these wonderful plants in your home?

Plants just make a room feel good. They create a natural, relaxed environment which makes a home feel like a sanctuary.

Any tips for having plants and little hands (who want to grab everything) under the same roof?

Keep the precious, delicate plants up high and just the big sturdy ones on the floor. My big fern lives on my dining table away from little hands! However my big fiddle leaf figs we’ve had longer than we’ve had children! And they’ve just always been on the ground and ‘part of the furniture’ and my boys haven’t ever done ‘too’ much damage over the years.


Do you have a favourite artwork or project you’ve worked on?

I recently worked on a project for Milligram creating a range of Australian-native inspired artwork which was then applied to journals, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, baubles and a host of other beautiful homewares products. These will be stocked in David Jones as well as many retailers across the country! I’m super excited to see this roll out very soon!

If you were a plant or flower what do you think you’d be?

I think I’d have a different answer to this every week! But currently, I would say a bunch of flannel flowers.

If you could spend the day gardening (or painting or illustrating) with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

An ultimate DREAM would be to spend a day painting with Ken Done. He is legendary, an Australian icon and the way he interprets a subject and applies paint leaves me in awe.

Any inside word on new plant trends?

I think plants of any form are always going to be ‘on trend’ in a home. Though I’m seeing a lot of the darker, cool green plants a lot lately which have a beautiful, subtle feel in a home.

Kimmy lives in Geelong with her husband and three children (and extended plant family). You can see more of Kimmy Gordon’s work on her website or on Instagram.

Header image: Kimmy Hogan

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