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Add this handsome devil to your indoor jungle

Don’t let the name scare you off – when it comes to indoor plants, they don’t get much easier to care for than devil’s ivy.

Low maintenance and fast growing, devil’s ivy is the perfect indoor plant to add a splash of jungle vibes to any bright room in the house. 

With it’s lush trailing vines and plenty of variegated (multicoloured) varieties to choose from, you can really get creative with styling this one. Try spilling its vines over the edge of a bookshelf, dangling from a hanging pot, or even hanging over the edge of your shower. As long as it’s got a bit of light and a bit of water – the sky’s the limit!

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Found growing in the tropical jungles of south-east Asia, devil’s ivy is natively found throughout China, Indonesia, Australia, India and Japan where it can climb to heights of 20+ metres.

When it comes to growing it at home, the devil’s ivy is not at all fussy and will happily grow in just about any indoor environment. 

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If you’re just starting out growing at home, or if you’re looking for an easy-care variety, then devil’s ivy is definitely for you. Water regularly enough to keep the soil moist, but let the first few centimetres dry out between waterings. About once a week should do the trick.

Although devil’s ivy will tolerate low light, it really thrives when grown in bright, indirect sunlight – this is particularly important if you have a variegated devil’s ivy and want to promote its stunning leaf patterns. 

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There are some really beautiful varieties of devil’s ivy available, such as the white-and-green ‘marble queen’ and the lime green ‘neon’ varieties. Check in with your local nursery or garden centre to see what they have in stock. 

One thing to be aware of with devil’s ivy is that it’s a toxic plant – to both animals and humans. If you have furry friends or mini-me’s around the house, be sure to pop the vine up and away on a shelf or hanging basket.  

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Epipremnum aureum, pothos, golden pothos 

Ready to add devil’s ivy in your home jungle? Head to your local garden or nursery centre and have a chat with the experts.

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