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Add a dash of red to your indoor jungle

Ooh la la! With its glossy foliage and bright red flowers, the compact lipstick plant is the perfect finish to any bright indoor room.

Taking its common name from the distinctive red, tubular flowers that it produces – which look uncannily like a wound-out tube of lipstick – this plant is an easy-grow indoor variety which if taken care of properly, will reward you with a shower of flowers all year ’round.


The lipstick plant is native to the tropical rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia. While it can definitely be grown outdoors in regions with tropical climates, it grows best as an indoor plant, safe from frost and cold snaps.

When indoors, keep your lipstick plant where it can receive bright, indirect and warm sunlight. The more of these types of rays it gets, the more flowers it will pop out!


Other than keeping it out of direct, hot sunlight, the other key tip to keeping the lipstick plant happy is to avoid overwatering. You can get a feel for when to water your plant by sticking a finger in the soil up to the second knuckle: if the soil is still damp to the touch, leave watering it for a few more days. Let the plant dry out between waters, and water less frequently in the cooler months.


This cute tropical trailer will shoot out vines, making it the perfect variety to plant in a hanging basket where it can unfurl itself over the edge. Lipstick plants don’t have huge root systems either, so will quite happily grow in a smaller pot.

Being a tropical plant, it also doesn’t mind a bit of humidity so if you have a warm and steamy corner of the house it can stay in, it will absolutely thrive.


Aeschynanthus radicans

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