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A medley of leafy workshops in the Sunshine State

Last week the Plant Life Balance team packed our bags (and our plants) and headed for the sunshine state!

Welcomed by the view of the warm turquoise water and palm trees as we flew in, it was safe to say we were all pretty stoked to be ducking out of relatively cold Sydney and heading to Lightspace Brisbane for our third Plant Tales event, Plant Tales 101: Grand Plans & Dirty Hands.

Now, before we even begin to tell you about the incredible night that was, let us set the scene on what might be the most mind-blowing venue we’ve ever stepped foot in. Imagine an ivy-covered warehouse nestled away on an industrial street, that opens up into a light-filled space jam-packed with plants hanging, sitting and balancing in every nook and cranny. I mean seriously, c’mon this place is every plant lovers dream!

Brizvegas delivered a packed house, with people buzzing around the grazing table and cocktail bar, eager to hear our panel of inspiring horticulturalists and green creatives unfurl their secrets to living life among the foliage.

Rachel from The Salt Loft Co gushed about her love affair with plants, how special they are to her and how they fill a space, transforming its energy and make it feel welcoming. She had us in knots, attempting to make plant hangers of our own, and while I’m pretty sure we’ll stick to plant buying, it was awesome to see all our talented guests getting in the groove!

With 20 years of horticultural experience behind her, Emily from Greenfolk imparted her wisdom on how to care for popular houseplants best suited to Queensland’s climate. Em is like a walking search engine ready to answer even your trickiest of plant questions, but it’s her love for the life she’s created around plants that we adore the most:

We’ve got customers buying air plants for their kombi vans ready to trip around Australia. If the passion for plants is there, there is no limit to what we can do.

Third generation grower, Jack from Heatons Nursery was our ‘re-pot like a boss’ expert for the night. Apart from making what feels like a pretty tricky task look annoyingly simple, Jack stole our hearts when our wonderful MC, Amy asked him “If he could be any plant what would he be?” Without hesitation, Jack looked up at the crowd with a grin and said:

I’d be a sunflower… because you always smile when you see a sunflower!

The audience melted into a puddle of mush as a synchronised “aww” escaped our mouths.

All in all, seeing the incredible Plant Life Balance community in Brisbane come together for the evening felt like one big green hug. Watching our new friends get excited about learning new skills, sharing their plant tips and asking advice made doing what we do feel all the more worthwhile. We can’t wait to keep hitting the road to bring you the Plant Tales event series, so be sure to stay tuned for the next one!

If you haven’t already, send our panellists some love on social media via their handles below:

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Rachael: @The.Salt.Loft.Co

Jack Heaton: @Heatonsferns Nursery

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Until the next one….Keep it green!

The Plant Life Balance team x

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