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A beautiful twist on an Aussie backyard classic

Same same, but different. Like its namesake – the Bottlebrush – the One-sided Bottlebrush is a vibrant, easy-grow plant suitable for backyards across the country.


The One-sided Bottlebrush natively grows in the south-west region of Western Australia in dry summer climates, but is known to be quite hardy and adaptable – so can also be grown in windy, coastal or humid regions.


An evergreen shrub, the One-sided Bottlebrush grows to about 1.5 – 2.5 metres tall and a similar width. This plant is pretty hardy so is happy in most soils, as long as it’s not constantly wet. Grows well in open, warm sunny positions. Not prone to disease or attack from pests.

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Calothamnus Quadrifidus ?

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Anything else I should know?

The One-sided Bottlebrush is a great choice for Aussie backyards and gardens. Its beautiful flowers are bird and bee attractors, and the shrub can be grown into an effective screen or windbreak.

Regular pruning will keep this plant growing nicely, and is best done just after flowering. As it ages, it can become woody and “leggy”, so this pruning is particularly important to maintain as it gets older.

Also known as

Common Net Bush or One-sided Bottlebrush (Calothamnus quadrifidus)

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