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107 – Redfern, NSW

What’s better than a lush, green garden in a creative arts space cared for by hard-working volunteers? You got it  – a secret lush, green garden.

Based in the inner western Sydney suburbs, 107 is a gem for those that are looking for an artistic refuge. Beyond their creative workshops, plays, performances and exhibitions, they have a little something extra up their sleeve… and up a flight of stairs, too.

We strongly recommend (after flexing your creative flair) you get lost in the clouds of green on their rooftop garden that is well hidden from the public eye.

Image credit: Rhiannon Hopley

What was once a car garage in the heart of Redfern, the 107 team repurposed the space into what it is now: a creative hub, venue space and a permaculture garden. Largely funded by Milkwood Permaculture and maintained by caring volunteers, the plants in the garden are all there for a reason, 107 spokesperson Amy Willing tells us.

Everything is designed with a permaculture ethos – that is, to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

So it’s no surprise that patrons are overwhelmed with delight when they see all that surrounds them: herbs, leafy greens, water lilies that grow in their fish pond, a grape vine, a couple of willows (providing the ultimate shade), not to mention a few vegetables – all to suit the conditions of the garden itself.

And what better way to use the garden than to incorporate its produce within their very own cafe?

Holding true to their non-profit roots, Amy takes her hat off to the hands that got dirty to make their green oasis happen: “We are a community art space, so everything we do is built by the community, for the community. And that’s exactly what the garden is! It was built by an amazing team of locals, and continues to be maintained by volunteer effort.”

Oh, and of course, there’s no way of forgetting the amazing fact that 107’s rooftop garden is contributing, in their own small way, to cleaner air and a healthier Sydney city.

107 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016

Header Image Credit: Ben Adorjani