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10 Plantfluencers you need to follow

If your obsession with plants is growing faster than a devil’s ivy, you need a community of those-in-the-know to keep you educated and inspired on the journey.

So Plant Life Balance has dug deep to find the top emerging ‘plantfluencers’ across Australia that go beyond #monsteramondays to give you expert advice (how generous) explore the health and wellbeing benefits of plants (it’s science!), and bring you insta-inspo edibles (cue the colour) so you can keep your plant babies alive and thriving. 

Whether you’ve been raising fronds from way back or are a budding new green thumb, there’s definitely something here for you!

The Superstar Stylist @ Ben Alcaraz

Ben’s passion for plants started five years ago simply with a monstera and devil’s ivy. His collection is now expansive with a passion for rare plants. This lived experience of growing a collection for himself turned his passion into practice and he now helps others style and maintain their plant collections.

The Hungry Herbalist @ The Secret Kitchen

Jana Brunclikova

With over 13 years of Naturopathic experience (BSc Health ), Jana is renowned for her calm, focused passion for her expertise. She has a long relationship with herbs and their medicinal qualities. Alongside this, she is a plant-based chef – creating signature cakes – infusing medicinal plants or Australian bush flowers.

Your Indoor Plant Gurus @ Leaf Supply

Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan 

Friends and self described plant nerds, Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan, are the founders of Leaf Supply. They are seriously passionate about plants, believing life is better surrounded by nature. Alongside their business, they have authored three indoor plant books.

All Things Australian Natives Yerrabingin

Christian Hampson

Yerrabingin – “We walk together”- is an Indigenous Design Thinking practise. Christian is a proud Woiwurrung and Maneroo Aboriginal man interweaving Indigenous tacit knowledge and design thinking to walk a new path, away from conventional approaches. Christian launched the world’s first Indigenous rooftop farm in Sydney, with over 2,500 native plants.

The Plant Parents You Need @ The Plant Runner

Dom & Dunc

Both qualified horticulturists, the Plant Runner duo love applying their green-thumb knowledge and passion to community and corporate spaces, and driving their plant-packed truck around the streets of Melbourne. The two love a good plant yarn and educating small hands about the beauty and pleasure of nature.

Your Reconnection To Nature @ Wayapa Wuurk

Jamie & Sara

Jamie and Sara co-founded Wayapa Wuurrk, which means “Connect to the Earth” in the language of the Maara & GunaiKurnai people, from which Jamie descends. Wayapa looks to change how we view the idea of ‘being well’ with a focus on ancient Indigenous thinking, including learning how to develop a relationship with our environment through the concept of ancient earth mindfulness.

The Plant-Based Trend Setter @ Shannon Martinez

Shannon is well and truly underway in her mission to change the way the world perceives plant-based dining and changing the way people eat. She has been cooking in kitchens for the past twenty-two years and is the owner of Australia’s two most prolific plant-based businesses, Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli and has authored three best-selling books. She has a huge kitchen garden of her own.

The Wellness Warrior @ Erin Lovell Verinder

Erin is a fully qualified herbalist and nutritionist who has worked within the healing space for twenty-one years. Erin works with clients to bring about profound change for their health and wellbeing by bridging together herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle. She is also the author of ‘Plants for the People’ with her second book soon to be released.

Your Gardening Fairy Godmother @ Glenmore House 

Mickey Robertson

Once a city girl, Mickey now works her green thumb amongst the countryside garden oasis that is Glenmore House in NSW. She holds a deep and abiding passion for landscape, architecture, interiors, gardens and the enduring relationship that links them together. Alongside growing a thriving edible garden, she runs hands on workshops and the podcast ‘In the Kitchen Garden with Mickey’.


Last but not least, keep up to date with all things plants, people, styling, and wellbeing @myplantlifebalance.

And don’t forget, if you’re after some serious advice on your plant pals it’s best to hit up your local nursery as they can give you tips tailored to the climate in your area.


Header image credit: Leaf Supply

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