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Secret Hideaways & Green Retreats

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and go bush.

Bloomin’ Gorgeous Style File

If your guilty pleasure is Aussie kitsch then you’ll bloomin’ love this. With blousy flowers and bright colours, it will have you shouting ‘Hello, Possums!’ over the fence.

Life is Beachy with Shannon Fricke

With the summer months approaching, it’s only natural to dream of skipping town for the coast...

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Plant-Hanging Hacks for Renters

There’s no shortage of hanging plant inspiration in the Plant Life Balance feed and we’re sure everyone would love to get these looks but, alas, #millenials, most of us rent!

Want Lush? Get There in 3 Steps

From styling events and photoshoots, to greening our own homes and drooling over Instagram (more than we’d like to admit), the Plant Life Balance team is getting pret-ty good and creating lush, multi-tiered plant...

Make Your Own Living Christmas Wreath

Not only does a living Christmas wreath make for a stunning Christmas decoration, it’s easy to make yourself and will live on as long as you take care of it!

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