Plant Life Balance

Pottering About with Ali and Jake Smyth

To potter (v): to spend time in a pleasant, relaxed way, often doing small jobs in your house.

Ten steps to get your garden ready for spring

The days are getting longer and the weather’s warmer so it’s time to get your garden ready for spring time! Whether you have a balcony, courtyard, backyard or share a community garden, these simple tips will...

Planty plans for school holidays

Get the kids into a garden and out of your hair.

Meet the OG Plant People

Before plantfluencers, there were OG plant people paving the way.

What exactly is a botanic garden?

Digging deeper into some of our favourite places.

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Get to Know Panda Plant

Known for their brownish-red edges and whispy white hairs, there’s a playful element to this kid-friendly succulent.

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