Plant Life Balance

Plant watering got you panicked? Here’s our top tips

Haven’t quite figured out your fronds’ perfect watering routine? Don’t stress – we’ve put together our top tips on watering your home jungle like a pro.

The one plant every beginner plant parent should own

It Phils our rooms, it Phils our hearts, and it Phils its pot, too.

Melbourne’s favourite plant shop on wheels

What do you get when you cross two plant experts, a truck, and a genius creative vision? Easy. The Plant Runner.

This Indigenous craft beer is the perfect Dry July go-to

Meet Clinton Schultz, co-founder of Sobah: Australia’s first non-alcoholic craft beer company.

Petal power: 200+ flowers to help brighten your day

While pottering-about with botanical artist and illustrator Adriana Picker, we discuss her new book, PETAL, her all encompassing obsession with plants and flowers, and get her tips on connecting with the...

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