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Some of us are great at it, but some of us could definitely do this more often – spending more meaningful time with our favourite people, sharing an experience, a meal or even a gift.

Winter garden remedies

Some herbal healing to reinforce your health during the colder months.

Understanding botanical names

What’s up with all that Latin?

Best Buds Style File

Who let the dogs out? You did, in your lush garden of pet-friendly plants. Woof woof! The Best Buds look was created in collaboration with Jane Wei, Owner and Hairdresser at A Loft Story in Newtown, Sydney...

Our favourite public parks and gardens in Brisbane

South-eastern Queensland is blessed with a lush tropical climate that plants just love.

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A medley of leafy workshops in the Sunshine State

Last week the Plant Life Balance team packed our bags (and our plants) and headed for the sunshine state! Welcomed by the view of the warm turquoise water and palm trees as we flew in, it was safe to say we were all...

Get to Know Lavender

With a scent that evokes nostalgia and familiarity, this beautiful plant does it all – including keeping away mosquitos.

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