Plant Life Balance

11 Aussie botanical artists you need to follow

Creative people who have plants down to a fine art.

The simple science behind our app

Celebrate National Science Week with a few plant pals.

Understanding botanical names

What’s up with all that Latin?

Self care Sunday

Raise your hand if you’re in need of a little self-care and pampering? 

Aussie designers rock the botanicals

For those days when waking up next to your favourite peace lily isn't enough, and you literally need the plants on your body.

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Pottering-about with Mike Bennie

INTERVIEW BY: MAGGIE SCARDIFIELD IMAGES BY: ROWAN JACKSON To potter (v): to spend time in a pleasant, relaxed way, often doing small jobs in your house. We could listen to Mike Bennie talk about wine all day. As a wine...

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