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How a little Plant Life Balance can help post-bushfires

Along with the rest of the country – and the world – Plant Life Balance has watched the bushfire crisis unfold with intense grief and concern.

Plant Life Balance predicts: low maintenance statements

In December 2019, Plant Life Balance released Australia’s first-ever plant trend report after months of  research and chats with the experts to find out why people buy plants and from where;...

Between two palms with Gaylene Krajewski

Gaylene Krajewski resides in the heart of Melbourne in an apartment brimming with over a hundred plants.

How to give your plants a proper feed

Just like we humans need key nutrients to survive, so do our foliaged friends.

Water smarter, not harder

Watering smarter, not harder is the name of the game. When temperatures in Australia soar and water supplies are finite, it's particularly important to establish smart, water-sensitive watering routines over...

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The plantfluencers are here

There are different role models now, thanks to social media. – Jason Chongue From stylish indoor jungles to urban farms to backyard gardens, social media ‘plantfluencers’ offer inspiration, tips and tricks...

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